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Welcome to Creative Shizzle Academy: the easiest way for beginners to master in-demand creative skills — all in one place, all online. Choose your courses, learn from experts, grow your network, build the career you’ve always wanted.

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Creative careers
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The 3am thoughts. The jumbled phone notes. Pitching ideas in front of the mirror like you’re on Shark Tank.

Yup, you’re a creative. You have a billion brilliant ideas and you’re ready to show the world. …But now what? We get it because we’ve been there.

We founded Creative Shizzle Academy for the dreamers, the doers, the learners, the people who know where they want to go but aren’t quite sure how to get there. In other words, we built the resource we wish we had when starting our careers.

After decades working within marketing and advertising, we’re on a mission to empower aspiring creatives with the tools, tips, resources, and secrets (yes, secrets!) needed to turn curiosity into an “I can’t believe this is my life” career.

Come on in, you’ll be graduating before you know it.

Focus Areas

Your interests, our experts. Whether you want to design logos or launch brands, Creative Shizzle Academy can help you take your learning to the next level (you don’t even need to change out of your pajamas).

Graphic Design

Get your design on and craft stunning visuals that captivate and convert.


Learn everything it takes to build and scale your dream business.

Marketing & Sales

Master the art of attracting and converting customers.


Reviews From Happy Learners

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    Marc Graham

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      Jennie Mullins


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        Francesca Case


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        Featured Courses

        5-minute lessons. Skills for life.

        Basic Fundamentals of Graphic Design

        5 Lessons

        Computer Science

        Beginner friendly, 83 Lessons

        Data Scientist

        Beginner friendly, 85 Lessons

        Machine Learning

        Beginner friendly, 130 Lessons

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        Basic Fundamentals
        of Graphic Design